12 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why Use Window Wells?

Maximize the square footage of an existing home, and turn it into well lighted living quarters, Allows basements to be used as habitual space and  or bedrooms. Allows an emergency escape makes your basement safer, less chance of an entrapment.This will allow the use of bigger windows under ground level, Bigger windows = brighter basements which = better air circulation which means better health, Happier children, Happier spouses. More sunlight and ventilation means less mold and mildew, which can also create health issues.

(2) Why Use Vinyl Window Wells?

These wells come with step by step instructions and are very easy to assemble even for the everyday homeowner. We have many in stock sizes available for off the shelf shipment, They are manufactured with an all white material for better reflection, assembled with painted Stainless Steel Screws, larger sizes are reinforced with galvanized steel tubing, Our wells are custom sizeable up to 16 feet in length, various widths and depths, call for more details. Our wells are manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,  They come with a limited lifetime warranty 

(3) Why Vinyl?

No maintenance, rotting or painting ever,  High UV protection, reflect sunlight where you want it. Easy cleaning if needed.

(4) What does Egress CODE mean? 

Egress code refers to escape and access of minimum 5.7 square feet opening maximum. Floor to bottom of window is 44" (as per National Code passed January 2009). There are also minimal window opening width & height. U-Factor .35 or better (which means .35 or less such as .30 or .26). Egress can be pertained to basements, 1st, or 2nd floor & so forth. Egress will also be pertained to every sleeping room or finished living space. Egress can also be pertained to doors leading to outside environment. Click Here for Full Code Sheet!

(5) How do I know if I need an Egress window well?

Basements with habitable space and every sleeping room must have at least one open able emergency escape and rescue window or exterior door opening for emergency escape and rescue.

(6) How do I know what size

Check out our Window Well Measurement Instructions by Clicking here.

(7) Do you have covers to put over these wells? 

Yes, we have tempered glass covers that can be installed on our wells, plus we will customize to fit your existing well. Click here to see  samples at the photo gallery.

(8) With your glass covers how can we have ventilation?

We have lifters available similar to the back of a car , these lifters are mounted on the inside of the wells and covers, (Ask about the limited warranty on the lifter cylinders,) They need to be mounted properly and than you can open it at a comfortable height to allow plenty of air into your basement. 

(9) Are the covers locked from the inside?

These covers can be locked different ways. We are constantly working on other options, contact us for an update. These can be mounted on the inside underneath, Do not mount a lock that is not user friendly.

(10) Can you build an egress window and Lightwell into my existing basement wall?

Vinyl Window Wells has a certified installer here,  CFK Construction, will do a complete retro fit Window Well plus other services. You can visit their website by clicking (here), or you can call Christ King at 717-768-8945.  or to email  (click here )!

(11) Will I have water in my basement if I cut a hole in the wall?

If these wells are properly installed against the outside wall and properly back filled with stone you should have no water coming through the well. We also have sump pumps available. We have been manufacturing these wells for 12+ years.                                                                                                                                              Call Christ at CFK Construction 717-768-8945 for a quote to install your Egress Window Well and Cover or see their website by clicking (here).

(12) Will I be Happy with the wells and covers? 

Yes most certainly, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction and happiness with your wells and covers.    

    Please remember  The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of lower price is forgotten.


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